How to Train and care for Your New Siberian Husky Puppy

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Are you a dog lover and is planning to get a cute little Siberian Husky puppy? If you are, you have to know that this breed is not anything like the other dogs that you would have come across all your life. They are a bit different in their approach towards us since they are the pack-oriented breed. So, make sure to train them before they feel like they control it. Never let them have a sense of being the alpha of the crowd in the house. You can instill it within them only by training them and guiding them in the right way.

If you see the puppy doing something wrong, never hesitate to take the necessary steps to teach him/her discipline. Also, when they do something do good, appreciate and treat them well. The problem with you not doing this is that the dog will learn to take advantage of all such situations, making it harder to train them in the future. Since they love to play, try to train them through games. Try and train them in 15-minute intervals because huskies can easily get bored doing the same thing. Accept the fact that it is quite challenging to train a husky, and seek professional help if you are not able to do it by yourself.


Potty Training

When you are potty training your husky puppy, always confine your dog to the smallest area possible until they are appropriately trained and ready to move around in the house. By doing this, it would be easier for you to clean the mess. Try not to encourage them doing their activities in spots other than the designated ones. If they keep going to the directed spot, reward them with something so that they continue to do it. Do not let the get away with the accidental actions as well because that is the most direct way of offering them the freedom to act as they wish.

Care Tips

Care Tips

You know what the essentials for a dog are; a dish for food and water, a leash and a collar, a bed, grooming supplies, an ID tag, and toys. Immunizations are important in the first few months. Make sure to spay or neuter the puppy when he is young, preferably when he is six months old. Huskies tend to chew objects a lot, which makes it vital for you to keep away all household cleaners away from them.

Puppies who are just six to ten weeks old have to be fed at least 3 to 4 times every day. You could feed him with kibble if you wish, but change it whenever necessary. When they are 12 weeks old, feed them three times per day. Make sure not to feed them any human food or to mix both the foods since some of the ingredients could be poisonous to dogs.

Groom the puppies regularly since they have double coats of fur. Use a wide-tooth comb and a bristle brush to groom their undercoat. Also, you need not clean them regularly since they are naturally clean. Make sure not to poke in their ear canal with any objects. Their teeth should also be cleaned at least twice a year by a veterinarian and regularly at home with doggy toothpaste and toothbrush.

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